Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Be a nerdateer! Tea Gardens distributed spectrum monitor

Nerdateer is a Nerdy Volunteer

By using small low power receivers at various locations the data can be monitored and compared to find signal anomalies.

Analyzing the compiled spectra of electrical signals the frequencypowerdistortionharmonicsbandwidth, and other components we can observe signals, noise or interference not easily detectable in a single location.

The seemingly intermittent nature of digital signal faults are often identified by non-compliance with digital standards but in some cases may be due to unexpected terrain, electrical devices or illegal transmitters. Sampling signals continuously and logging to a central database gives us a real 4D signal profile.

The hardware needs only USB power, WiFi and a TV antenna connection.

Primary focus is TV Signal email adam at tgantennas dotcomdotau


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